Private Sessions

If you wish to be dealt with individually or with a friend, you can pay a visit to the Dominant Mrs. Rose and/or Ms. Mint in our private practice near Arnhem. Spanking and discipline sessions can be held here undisturbed. It has a lovely and homey living room upstairs and a schoolroom downstairs. There is a variety of (school-) furniture available.

Our place allow us to offer a all kinds of contexts. Mrs. Rose could be your strict tutor, teacher, mother, aunt, neighbour, etc… Mint could be your classmate, sister, niece, neighbour, friend, etc.. We can talk about the possibilities before the session. 

Your spanking fantasy becomes a reality in a save environment. If you have no former experience you are also welcome. We offer sessions to beginners and more experienced enthousiasts.


Mrs. Rose is a 40+ curvy, curly, straight forward, no drama and flexible woman and an experienced role player, on a professional level. She loves spanking and everything to do with it. Her arms and hands are strong and she likes variety in form, material and positions. She can be very Dominant and strict, but also nice and caring. She has a good RL job (and a husband and children), so she offers her services because she adores to play on a professional level.

Ms. Mint is a 30+ sporty, informal and down-to-earth young lady who is a very experienced giver and receiver of spanking. She prefers to have sessions together with Mrs. Rose. She can participate in as session either as dominant or as spankee. As dominant she also can receive you individually. In sessions wherein Mint acts as spankee, Mrs Rose will be present, be it in the background.



Individual sessions with Mrs. Rose - bath brush spanking