Small Groups

About every month we will organise half a school day for small groups (4 to 8 students). The next session will be the 25th of March. Together we will role play a typical British school as in the 1950’s. There will be a uniform inspection, classes (at an academic level to keep things interesting) and breaks. There will be special afternoons for cross-dressers too.

There will be a short introduction/briefing, then 3 hours of intense school-role-play and a debriefing with refreshments. We have our own well-equipped classroom. If you misbehave in any way, you will be dealt with accordingly. Punishments can include corner time, writing lines, verbal humiliation and corporal punishment. You could be punished in front of the whole class, bare bottom exposed and marked.

Mrs. Rose will be the teacher and perhaps there will be some guest teachers and students too.

Costs: €150,-

Bad boys-spanked- OTK- group session