An individual session with Mrs. Rose or Ms. Mint will take 2 hours. The spanking itself will take about an hour, which will leave us with some time before and after to talk. The cost is €200,-. If you would like both Mrs. Rose and Ms. Mint to be present, that will take an additional €75,-. When you would prefer Ms. Mint solo as a spankee, Mrs. Rose will be present too. Be it on the background. That will take an additional €50,-.

Consent, confidentiality and discretion

By entering our practice you will be consenting to corporal punishment being used on you at a level that has been agreed at your interview. It is important to understand that whilst in the context of a role play scenario you may be ‘forced’ to do many things such as wear a skirt, receive ‘6 of the best’ or stand in the corner, but in reality you will be forced to do nothing. Nothing will EVER happen to you without your express. You should be clean and presentable upon arrival at our practice. Please ensure you have showered on the morning of your visit. Poor personal hygiene and dirty clothes will not be tolerated.

We expect total confidentiality from all who visit our practice. We will never discuss your appointment or its  content with any third party unless you give us your express permission. None of your personal information,  such as email address and telephone numbers will ever be released to any third party or organisation. Please do not share the address of our location with anyone without our explicit permission. We expect  all those who visit to be quiet and discreet when arriving and leaving our venue. You must not travel to or from our venue wearing anything that could be recognised as any kind of uniform.

Dress uniform-bare bottom-role play - mint - session


If you feel you are ready to take the first step then there are 3 ways to get in touch:

  • Mrs. Roses’ mobile telephone number is given contact information. Her phone is switched on throughout the day and in the early evening. If she is unavailable please send her a text and she will get back to you as soon as possible. She only accepts appointments via the telephone, so at some stage you will have to call her. As a matter of courtesy I never return callsunless you have given me your permission to do so. She NEVER accepts calls from numbers which are withheld.
  • You can send Mrs. Rose a text via WhatsApp. She will answer you as soon as possible.
  • You will find our email address at our contact information. If you have a question or query then this is the best way to get in touch. Your initial email must not contain any form of attachment. I normally answer all email within 48 hours. I do not accept appointment bookings by email.