Students may only enter our school when dressed in the appropriate attire: a school uniform as worn in Britain during the 1950’s.

The school tie. (Will be issued to you upon your arrival.)

A white blouse/shirt with long or short sleeves. (Blouses will be tucked in to the skirts/shorts at all times. Top buttons will always be done up.)

A formal plain dark coloured skirt/short trousers. (They must be just above the knee or knee length. No denim, linen, corduroy, leather, tartan nor pin-stripe; they will not be low-waisted, skin-tight, excessively loose, long, short or deliberately torn.)

Plain white knickers. (No lace nor other frivolities.)

Knee or ankle length white socks. (They may be with a turnover top, but no lace or other frivolities.)

Sensible black shoes. (No boots, trainers, pumps, high heels or sneakers are allowed, nor are Vans or Converse trainers/shoes. Maximum permitted heel height for girls is 5cm. Shoes with a coloured or white logo or white soles are not permitted. If the shoes have laces they must be black.)

If you wish to have something warm over your uniform, you may only wear a dark coloured ‘V’ neck pullover or cardigan.

You may find the appropriate ware anywhere. You can also find it in a specialized shop, by Headmaster Albert Prendergast: http://www.adult-size-school-uniform.com

Girls-bend over-traditional-British school uniform- white knee socks