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Rose Academy is the first Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) event for adults who are into spanking in the Netherlands! For real. Founded by Mrs. Rose, the headmistress. 

We have our own private practice with a living-room and a classroom area. Here we can receive people for individual spanking sessions and small groups. 

Every year we rent a suitable venue for about 12 students and some staff. Together we will role play a typical British boarding-school as in the 1950’s. There will be a uniform inspection, classes, (lunch)breaks and a study. If you misbehave in any way, you will be dealt with accordingly. Punishments can include corner time, writing lines, verbal humiliation and corporal punishment. You could be punished in front of the whole class, bare bottom exposed and marked. 

Safety will be of a high standard and on all levels. Like formidable communication involving safe words, special rules and rooms, teamwork, anonymity, behaviour protocols, etc. 

Mrs.Rose -OTK spanking -bare bottom