Boarding School

There will be an adult school role-play event from 21 to 23 February 2025. Together we will role play a typical British boarding-school as in the 1950s. There will be a uniform inspection, classes, (lunch)breaks and the study of the headmistress. The event will be held in a very luxurious venue in Overijssel.

Allergies and food preferences can be submitted in the application proces.

Official language = English 

Arriving on Friday evening, a whole school day on Saturday, a “sleeping-time” activity in the evening and a school morning on Sunday. If you misbehave in any way, you will be dealt with accordingly. Punishments can include corner time, writing lines, scolding and corporal punishment. You could be punished in front of the whole class, bare bottom exposed and marked. 

There will be a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 adult students. Staff will consist of Headmistress Rose, several other teachers and a cooking staff. 

If you have questions about the event. Please make sure you read the uniform, tuition and the FAQ pages first.

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