Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you will find answer to questions about the school day event and our services that have already been asked by potential and current players and which we learned from the esteemed Mr. Albert Prendergast, who has many years of experience in the scene and kindly gave us permission to use his FAQs content. You can visit his website here:

This is, without a doubt, the most important page on our website. The FAQs are extensive and will almost certainly answer any questions you may have. Some questions may seem petty or irrelevant, but we can assure you they are all here because we or Mr. Prendergast have had cause to answer them at least once. It may take a little while, but if you are serious about attending, please read through every question and its answer.

If your question is not dealt with here or in some other part of the site then please get in touch by email, telephone of WhatsApp.

Because we offer our services professionally. We have invested considerable time, effort and money in making and promoting this website, the events, the practice and the services we offer. Substantial time and effort has also gone into preparing the venue(s) for use in adult (school) role play activities.

The event will be on a rented private venue with a realistic classroom and appropriate props. Your private role play session will take place in our specially prepared private practice and not in some rented red light district room or makeshift bedroom, garage or basement.

Providing our (group-)services we have no personal agenda concerning your visit. Our sole aim is to give you what YOU want from your visit and as such a professional relationship is essential. Hence we charge a fee.

No. We are afraid we do not need a gardener, painter, cleaner, handyman, cook, etc. We believe the services and events we provide offers good value for money.

You must have reached the age of 21 years before we will consider seeing you. We are aware that the age of consent is lower, but we are uncomfortable in dealing with those who are under the age of 21.

If you are unwell and have an acute illness, then you should not come to see us. Colds, flu and other infectious diseases require rest and recovery. Also we don’t want to catch whatever it is you may have. You should also be mentally fit to be able to cope with this kind of intense roleplay and don’t put us in a situation where we both don’t feel safe because of your instable mental state. If you have any doubt about that, feel free to discuss your condition with us to allow us to assess the responsibilities and risks involved.

However, if you are living with a chronic illness and are managing your condition using medication then we will see you. It is very important that you bring any chronic illness to our attention at the time of our first contact.

No. They are real adult schoolboys and schoolgirls who have visited us and gave us their express permission to put the pictures on our website.

No. We will not spend time discussing role-play or discipline scenarios over the telephone. If we would, we would be inundate with callers wanting to do just that and nothing more. You must submit details of your scenario, reasons or wishes via an email.

For the event Mrs. Rose will speak with you over the phone, working with a structured interview covering all the important issues for the event. You will be asked to submit a questionnaire after we have talked over the phone and your registration has been confirmed.

If discussing your fantasy, over the telephone, is all you want then please try a live 1 to 1 premium rate chat line or some other similar service.

Whilst we fully accept that confidentiality is essential when playing these games, we do not accept that lack of privacy is a valid excuse for not being able to communicate via email. Please open a new secure email via Hotmail. They are free, easy to set u p and totally private. No messages will be stored directly on your computer and no one will see any message you send (or receive) unless you divulge your email address and password to a third party.

We will, but only after we have confirmed you are serious about your interest in my services. Like many, we have been a victim of computer software attacks by viruses and Trojan-methods. No further explanation is necessary. If you want a guaranteed response to your initial email, then please do not send your correspondence as an attachment.

Not initially. During our early communication we will need to speak with the real you. This approach will avoid any confusion on both sides and will allow us to understand your needs more quickly. After your first visit or event we will allow you to write to me under the guise of your role play character, it’s uncle, guardian, father, housemaster, etc.

Absolutely not. We must always speak with the individual concerned. We must always be happy that anyone who intends to visit us or our academy, does so under their own free will. We will not allow anyone to book an appointment for a third party so please do not ask.

No. This is a serious point. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol we will refuse to see you or accept you on our academy. Consequently we will not allow their use before, during or after a session or event.

Yes we do and we expect all who visit to respect our place as if it were their own.

Yes. We will not discriminate against anyone who is transgendered.

Yes, we will. We understand how difficult it can be for ladies (particular single ladies) to become involved in the adult school role play scene. We have been there 😉 We have a lot of experience dealing with all sorts of people and offer the same service to adult school boys and girls.

Yes, you will. You will need to provide your own school uniform which must be traditional in nature. You can find the regulation on [THIS PAGE]. We will not accept adult schoolgirls who prefer the ‘St Trinian’s’ look and sorts.

No you do not. We are happy to treat you as a cousin, husband, wife, friend, etc. who needs to be punished by a Dominant woman. You can then be dressed in casual clothing or whatever you wish but not in leather, rubber or other more BDSM-like clothing.

Yes we will. We will be providing for you in the form of a school day as well. Keep an eye on the website.

Nothing will happen that would not legally have occurred during visiting a public or private school during the 1950’s or 1960’s in Britain. We are quite prepared to act out any school scene you wish to bring to us or we will create one for you but please do not telephone or email asking us specifically ‘what will happen to me during a session’.

On this point we need to be blunt. Unfortunately there are a few who would keep us chatting on the phone or internet for hours about the content of a session with no intention of ever taking things further. If all you want is to discuss your fantasy and not make it reality then there are many one-to-one premium rate chat services which can assist you further.

Yes. Every implement we use for corporal punishment is cleaned and disinfected before it is used on someone else. All furniture we use for role play is thoroughly cleaned before and after a session or event and if needed covered with clean cloths.

Obviously you cannot attend an event, but you can see us individually. Make sure you inform us at the time of your booking that corporal punishment is all that you require.

Obviously you cannot attend an event, but you can see us individually. Role play is not essential. If you just want to visit, dress in a uniform and receive a punishment, then that can be arranged. Mrs. Rose considers herself to be a very good ‘teacher’ of role play skills, so even if you have never tried role play before she would always suggest you give it a go. We can make a role play experience very enjoyable even for those who consider themselves to be ‘not very good’.

When we play a married couple or anything like that, there is no real roleplay needed from you. You could just be your naughty self and us our Dominant self. Feel free to discuss any wish over the phone.

Yes. We are happy to see those who require no discipline at all - just “play school” - and those who wish to be introduced to it in a gentle manner.

Not initially. We would need to see you for a one to one to one on a couple of occasions before we would consider allowing a third person to be present during any session. If we do allow you to bring someone with you then an additional fee of €50,- will apply.

A detailed description of the appointment procedure is given here.

Yes, absolutely! No excuses accepted. Time is the most precious commodity we have and we will not allow anyone to waste ours more than once. In today’s modern communication cancelling an appointment is an easy thing to do. Most of us use mobile phones and a computer. For the minority who do not there is always a land line or at worst a coin box. If you must cancel, even at short notice, then a brief phone call is all that is required. But, if you fail to turn up without an explanation you will not get a second chance.